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DVDs and Videos - Who To Contact

This page gives guidance on who you should ask about British sitcom Videos and DVDs. It is the production, distribution and TV companies who'll be able to answer your questions - not us!

So... Who To Contact

  1. If a distributor exists contact them first
  2. Production companies are your second best hope
  3. Contact the TV channel only if neither of the above could be found


Distribution companies makes the actual DVDs and tapes, design the covers etc and organise the release, distribution and promotion of products. If a sitcom has been assigned to a distribution company then they are the ideal people to contact as they will know exactly what is going on with future releases!

You can find out who the distributor of a sitcom is by looking at existing DVD covers, checking a product on Amazon or, soon, by looking at our programme area.

List of Distributors

Production Companies

Production companies are the ones who actually made the series. They supply the budget and resources and thus own the rights to the sitcom. They'll certainly know if there are any plans to sell their sitcoms.

List of Production Companies

Tip: To find out who produced a sitcom see our guide to that programme or the "company credits" page in its IMDb entry.

TV Channels

The TV Channels normally don't get involved in the creation and distribution of videos and DVDs however if you can't find a production company or distribution company they may be worth speaking to.

List of British Broadcasters

Tip: To find out which channel broadcast the sitcom in the UK see our guide to that sitcom.

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