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SERIES 1 - The Black Adder - First broadcast 1983

The foretelling

1. The Foretelling

Set in 1485. From out of the swirling mists of the Dark Ages comes a lone horseman cursed from youth by the deformed haircut and sporting a particularly evil pair of tights. Blackadder manages to kill the king in the first ever episode of this long running sitcom.

Born to be king

2. Born to be King

Treachery, murder and Morris-dancing break out in all their full horror when an orange-faced stranger arrives at court. King Richard leaves for the crusades and Blackadder thinks he has discovered something about his brother.

The Archbishop

3. The Archbishop

The landscape is littered with dead Archbishops of Canterbury. Edmund's cunning plan is to get his deadliest rival appointed to the vacancy.

Queen of Spain

4. The Queen of Spain's Beard

The King's international treachery gives the hideous Edmund a chance to press his clammy body against one of Europe's most eligible princesses. Trouble is it turns out she is even too ugly for Blackadder to marry.


5. Witchsmeller Persuivant

Set in 1495. The King is a bit under the weather with the Black Death. Witchcraft is diagnosed by the Black Adder and only one man can root it out. Trouble is he accuses Edmund of being a witch.

The Black Seal

6. The Black Seal

In a final gesture of defiance Edmund rides forth to seek out the Seven Most Evil Men in the land and return with them to seize the throne. All doesn't quite go to plan though...

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