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A Bears Tail A BEAR'S TAIL

Programme: A Bear's Tail
Broadcast: 2005 ( C4 )
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: Leigh Francis, Patsy Kensit, Sean Pertwee, Yasmin Kerr
Written by: Leigh Francis
Directed by: Ben Palmer
Production: Bellyache Productions More info

A sitcom from the creators of Channel 4 comedy "Bo' Selecta!" written by and starring Leigh Francis.

Everyone's favourite talking bear learns to live with his new sitcom family, The Hennersons. As well as cast and celebrity cameo appearances, Leigh Francis brings to life a host of new characters, including nosey neighbour Sue Dales - a Scottish transsexual living with fellow transsexual Dave McCall - Keith Lemon, entrepreneur and lady's man, and Asian film nerd Corey Haim.

BSG Review:

Based on week 1 we thought this new sitcom was a disorganised mess however having seen other episodes now we toned down our criticism We still don't think it is great though - its smutty humour isn't funny for sure. If you were a fan of "Bo' Selecta!" you'll probably love this - if you're not stay well clear.


This sitcom spawned from sketch show "Bo' Selecta!", specifically the 45 minute special entitled "A Bear's Christmas Tail". The bear also featured in a 2005 "Bo' Selecta!" special too.

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