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Programme: Barbara
Broadcast: 1995 - 2003    ( ITV )
Episodes: 29 (4 series)
Starring: Gwen Taylor, Sam Kelly, Benedict Sandiford
Written by: Mark Bussell, Rob Clark, Ramsay Gilderdale, Justin Sbresni, Graham Walker
Directed by: Richard Boden
Production: Carlton Television More info

This sitcom follows the life of outspoken, no-nonsense, Yorkshire housewife Barbara Liversage who has become the agony aunt and problem-solver for her extended family.

BSG Review:

Not bad for an ITV sitcom - quite a few of the jokes were predictable but, as they were funny, it doesn't really matter. "Barbara" showed a lot of promise in the early episodes but the main character was probably a little brutish to base a full series on, let alone four.

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