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Expose your website or product to thousands of British comedy fans every day!

The British Sitcom Guide is an ideal place to advertise entertainment and comedy related websites and products. With over 20,000 comedy fans from around the world visiting our pages every month we're uniquely placed to help promote your product, business or website.

The really good news is that advertising on the BSG is very good value for money. You see, as this is a not-for-profit website, we're only looking to cover our costs - hence low expense, high returns for yourselves!

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We can offer you the following advertising opportunities. For more information on any of the below please get in touch with us - we'd be delighted to discuss your requirements and provide a no-obligation quote.

Banner Advertising Banner Advertising

We can provide you with a complete, customised advertising solution which will allow you to display multiple banners across our site. As you may have noticed all our pages display a 468 x 60 banner advert in the top right hand corner - our banner system rotates through our currently active pool of banners in turn, displaying one each time a new page is loaded [ see current advertisers ].

Once your banner has been added to our pool we'll provide you with free access to our password protected system which will allow you to track in real time impressions and click-thru statistics.

Don't worry if you don't have any banners yet - we can create some for you.

Additional Information: Guide Price: £10 for 10,000 impressions (0.001p each). Click-thru rates obviously vary depending on banner design / campaign however expect a 1 - 5% click-thru rate. Banner Design (Guide Price): £2.50 per banner

Newsletters Newsletter Adverts / Sponsorship

We send out our main newsletter to hundreds of comedy fans about once a month and various other newsletters at various times (e.g. we have a sporadic newsletter dedicated to DVDs).

Our statistics show over 90% of our subscribers read this email fully. In each issue we have room for a small number of advertisements which have so far proved to be very successful. We are also looking for a business to sponsor our newsletter - an opportunity which would really increase brand visibility.

Additional Information: Guide Price: £10 for mid-sized editorial type advert. £5 for a small direct promotion advert.

Competitions Competitions

The BSG has been running DVD giveaways on behalf of distribution and PR companies since the start of the year and are now quite experienced in setting up and running promotional competitions. We've helped companies including BBC Worldwide, Eureka Video and 2entertain raise the profile of their new releases and their brand awareness. [ see previous competitions ]

Running a competition is free - all we ask is for a prize or two. We're extremely flexible and can either run the whole thing for you from setup to posting the prizes through to leaving you to run things yourself.

Special Requirements Special Requirements

We can probably also accommodate special marketing requirements such as sponsorship of the site or a particular sitcom area so do get in touch if you're after creating an extra special buzz.

To discuss any of the above in more detail please get in touch
- we look forward to hearing from you!

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