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The British Sitcom Guide is a one-stop online reference for British sitcom fans. Launched in August 2003 this website already has guides on over 200 British sitcoms, with more being added every week. With the help of our visitors The British Sitcom Guide is expanding at a rapid rate, new programme, episode and character information is being added all the time. Our aim is to eventually provide a comprehensive guide to every UK sitcom ever made! [ All about British sitcoms - definition & history ]

The British Sitcom Guide was founded and is mainly run by Mark , a British Web Developer who is big fan of TV comedy. He noticed that there was a total lack of good sources of information about UK sitcom on the web and so set about creating this site. Much of the content you will see here is supplied by our visitors though; if it wasn't for this vital help the site wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is so if you are a fan of a particular show then why not have some fun by getting involved ?

This is a not-for-profit hobby site. The running costs of the website are paid for by advertising revenue, Amazon referrals and donations .

We really enjoy hearing from our visitors so if you have anything you would like to talk to us about or ask then please do get in touch . Make sure you check out our FAQs page first though as there are answers to many questions on there already. We would also be interested in hearing how you think we could make The British Sitcom Guide even better as we are always looking for ways to improve this resource.

Thank you for visiting The British Sitcom Guide , we hope you find it useful!

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