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Welcome to The British Sitcom Guide, an ever expanding online reference website for fans of UK situation comedy. This site features information on over 200 British sitcoms with many new programme guides added every month. We are aiming to eventually provide show, episode and character guides for every British sitcom programme ever made!

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In our Advice and Insight section we've gathered together some pages which we hope you'll find interesting and useful. Below you'll find advice, tips and information on how to go about writing a top comedy and also some fascinating insights and opinons relating to the world of comedy writing and production.
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Step-by-Step Sitcom Writing Guide

We've added the following pages to this website to give you a brief step-by-step overview of the stages involved in writing a sitcom for the British market. If you're serious about writing a comedy you'll need more information than is contained within these pages but at least it is a start!

With the help of sitcom expert Marc Blake we've identified the following ten stages which all writers will have to go through before they can see their creation on the television. Just click on any of the stages below for further information; we strongly suggest you begin reading at step 1 even if you think you've already passed this stage as our guide might contain some details you've not considered!

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