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This area contains a guide to all 24 episodes of "Jeeves and Wooster". The episode titles are as they appear on the cases of The Complete P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster DVD set and the short story titles have been taken from the omnibus collection The World of Jeeves, by PG Wodehouse, from Harper and Row (US). It should be noted that most of the episodes have more than one name so we've noted all the other non-official titles in our guide.

Note: In the US, PBS's Masterpiece Theatre did not show some episodes, and broadcast the rest in a somewhat different order.

Series 1 Series 1 (1990) Jeeves becomes Bertie's new valet in the first series of this sitcom which included lots of dating.

Series 2 Series 2 (1991) Bertie gets into all kinds of sticky situations in the second series and has get more girlfriends.

Series 3 Series 3 (1992) The 1992 series saw Bertie taking a trip to New York and all kinds much trouble with the local constabulary.

Series 4 Series 4 (1993) Amongst the adventures of the fourth series was another trip to New York for Bertie and Jeeves.