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Dr. Caroline Todd

The newest doctor to the hospital, Caroline has a unique talent of getting herself into embarrassing or awkward situations (for example when she blocked Guy's toilet with a "monster that wouldn't go down"). She also seems to possess a subliminal sexual prowess, with Mac, Guy, Martin and even Sue White on occasion all seeking her attentions. Caroline, however seems to have her sights firmly set on Mac (well, after much wavering between him and Guy) but that won't stop her being caught up in the most surreal situations around.

Dr. Mac McCartney

Probably the most popular member of staff (well except to Guy and Alan Statham). Mac is clever, witty, pretty and, as Sue White says, has hair like a lion's mane. Partial to riding naked on motorbikes, Mac never knows when to be serious and finds it difficult to express his emotions. However, he is always useful to have in a crisis (unless it's a wasp in theatre), especially when your hanging off of the edge of a cliff in an ambulance!
He is respected and loved by everyone, and much to Sue White's disappointment, has finally got together with Dr. Todd. This means there is now an even bigger question on everybody's lips: just what is Mac's first name?

Dr. Guillaume Secretan (aka Guy)

Guy likes to profess that he has it all: the looks, the money, the intelligence, and the way with the ladies. This is of course despite the fact he has been compared to the donkey in Shrek, thought "Kissing In The Toilet" was a George Michael song and has not had very much luck seducing Dr. Todd.
The anesthetist of the hospital, Guy doesn't really care about anyone except himself and when he's not thinking or talking about women he is attempting to beat Mac in all kinds of bets and games (for example, trying to get him to name five famous lesbians) and bullying Martin. However, Guy recently experienced a huge shock when he found out Martin was in fact his half-brother and Joanna Clore was his mum. Will this make him change his ways or will he just become even more arrogant and cocky than usual?

Dr. Martin Dear

Nothing ever goes right for poor Martin, a hospital intern. He constantly fails all his hospital exams, his mum tries her best to ignore him as much as possible and he is completely besotted with Dr. Todd though she sees him as nothing more than a friend.
Extremely shy, Martin is bullied endlessly by Guy and can hardly ever stick up for himself, though Mac is always on hand to look out for him. One little ray of hope for Martin though is the fact that he is all set to go on a date with Karen so things may improve for him yet!

Joanna Clore

Joanna, the hospital administrator, is (with good reason) extremely worried about getting older and spends a lot of her time exercising and eating healthily (though this won't prevent her from scoffing a huge tray of cakes in the hospital canteen). Her son Martin works at the hospital too, but she tries her best to avoid him - after all, she doesn't want anyone to know she's old enough to be a mum.
Joanna spent a brief while trying to get together with Lyndon in the IT department, but perhaps turning up at his office wearing nothing but a coat wasn't the best way to go about it. She also had a "secret" fling with Alan Statham (which of course the whole hospital knew about) but dumped him after he became even more clingy than normal. She is one of the moodier members of staff, known to bark orders at her staff (not that that scares them into working) and getting... close... to vibrating beds. How will she cope after learning that Guy is also one of her sons, and, even worse she nearly slept with him?

Dr. Alan Statham

The fussy, bumbling and stuttering Consultant Radiologist likes to believe he is in control of the hospital when in reality he is just the butt of everyone's jokes. Has a bunch of weird fetishes, including playing his recorder whilst in his boxers, and gets caught in the most bizarre situations (for example when he was comparing the size of his penis to a corpse's).

Sue White

Basically a complete lunatic, Sue isn't exactly the best Staff Liaison Officer in the world (best shown when she told an upset member of staff to "take that book on dealing with difficult people and f**k off!") and gets all her clothes from the "dead box" (which is filled with dead patient's outfits).
Sue spends most of her time winding everybody up; though she did try to help Martin when he couldn't find clothes to wear for a party (the fact that it was bright pink combats and a glow in the dark t-shirt is besides the point). Completely obsessed with Mac, Sue would do anything for him - even become a murderer! With Sue around, life in the hospital will certainly never be dull.


The bane of Alan Statham's life, most of Boyce's time in the hospital is spent winding up the senior consultant and trying to find new ways to suggest he's gay (perhaps the most spectacular attempt was projecting a lewd cartoon image on the outside hospital wall).
Boyce once bought Dr. Statham for 30p in a slave auction and ended up sleeping in the same bed with him thus leaving him with plenty more opportunities for homosexual innuendo. Hospital Intern Boyce is also well known for an extremely memorable rendition of Tainted Love outside the hospital grounds and other general dancing moments. As Mac and Martin would say, very "fun-keh" indeed.

Dr. Angela Hunter

An utter perfectionist, Angela Hunter is the most anal retentive person in the hospital. Also bright and bouncy, Angela drives Caroline up the wall yet somehow still managed to become her new flatmate. However things aren't running smoothly between the two, and the tensions escalated when Angela accused Caroline of stealing her knickers because she wanted to be her!
Overall though, Angela seems to have it all: she's gorgeous, she has a great boyfriend and an all-over all great life. Can she not do anything wrong?!