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About "Green Wing"

Firstly it must be said that "Green Wing" is not entirely a sitcom, more of a comedy-drama-sitcom; still, the arguments over whether or not it fits the mould of a sitcom aren't going to stop us including it on this site - we love it too much to leave it out.

The tussle over what genre to file this programme under aptly demonstrates just how cutting edge it is. A different kind of humour is very evident and the style the show is far from ordinary - the action contains speeded up sections, slow-motion moments, totally surreal scenes and it runs at 50 minutes an episode, more the territory of comedy-dramas like 'Teachers'.

One thing is for sure though, "Green Wing" has taken the country and BSG visitors by storm. Apart from the American series "Scrubs" there hasn't been a decent hospital sitcom on TV for years (the less said about "TLC" and "Doctors and Nurses" the better!) so this is really rather refreshing.

From the award-winning team behind Smack the Pony, this genre-defying comedy proves that filming in a hospital doesn't have to involve any reference to medical issues! The show, written by award-winning writers Victoria Pile, Robert Harley, James Henry, Stuart Kenworthy, Oriane Messina, Fay Rusling, Richard Preddy and Gary Howe is not only highly clever but also, and pretty crucially, is very funny! The different take on the humour and total lack of medical jargon ("Scrubs" doctors worry about operations, whereas the "Green Wing" team are more worried if their coats 'flow' as they walk round corners!) is just what British comedy needs right now.

Tamsin Greig is the idiosyncratic Dr. Caroline Todd; Julian Rhind-Tutt, the fop-haired, wise-cracking heartthrob Dr MaCartney; Steve Mangan the lustful love god Guy Secretan; Mark Heap the stammering, neurotic Statham; Pippa Haywood the tyrannical, age-obsessed Joanna Clore; Michelle Gomez the terrifyingly unpredictable staff liaison officer Sue White; Karl Theobald the endearing failure Martin Dear; and Oliver Chris, Dr Statham's nemesis student, Boyce.

The second season which followed on from the critically acclaimed 2004 series has now finished broadcasting in the UK. In this second series the staff faced the unenviable task of clearing up the mess they left behind at the end of series one. The last episode ended on an equally tantalising cliff-hanger and fans are now waiting in eager anticipation for Channel 4 to broadcast the special episode which it is expected will tie up all the loose ends. This special is predicted to be aired at Christmas and is very likely to be the last GW episode as the cast and crew have expressed a desire to move on to new projects.