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3 Best Marijuana Inspired Sitcoms

We all have seen sitcoms at least once in our life. Such type of TV shows has been very popular for a long time in America and all around the world. If you want to make your mood better, the best thing is to find any sitcom and start watching. No doubt, you will laugh a lot and even sing along to the main theme songs. There are thousands of different sitcoms with an engaging plot. Nevertheless, have you ever heard about marijuana inspired sitcoms? If the answer is no, it is the right time to watch a few of them. It is a pretty new field to learn about. If you think that it will be a bit hard to get the idea of the show, go over It will help you to understand this theme better.
Maybe you wonder why people decided to create such sitcoms? It is because cannabis gained a lot of popularity among thousands of people and producers came up with an idea to launch some shows about it. So if you are stuck in the house and tired of the usual TV shows, check out our top 3 sitcoms.

1. Weeds

This sitcom was created in America and lasted from 2012 to 2015. It is a mix of drama and comedy. Weeds were pretty successful among the viewers. The main stars of the sitcom are Mary Parker, Hunter Parrish, Kevin Nealon, and Alexander Gould.
The key idea of the plot is next. From the start, you will get to know with Nancy. She has lost her husband and now she thinks about how to support herself and the youngsters. So what did she decide to do? Start growing marijuana, of course! And here is when the story begins.
Weeds have 6 awards that confirm excellent filming. If you have never watched such sitcoms before, check out sunday scaries cbd page. It will help you to be aware of different CBD products and understand the plot better.

2. High Maintenance

This sitcom is also about drama and comedy genres. It was launched in 2012 but became extremely popular only in 2016 after popping up on HBO. The main idea of the series is to reveal and show the life of a cannabis dealer. After watching High Maintenance, viewers can understand that cannabis is not about just getting high. If you want to find out more about how you can use cannabis, go over koi cbd gummies review.

3. Weediquette

It is a sitcom with a bit of documentary information. Weediquette is thought-provoking and helps to learn more scientific details about cannabis. For example, viewers can find out about the family that uses cannabis to treat their kids who suffer from cancer. Or people that have post-traumatic stress disorder. Besides, while watching it, you can go over justcbd review to find out about some gummies that can help with different problems, such as insomnia or legs twitching.
Move on and find free time to watch these shows. No doubt, you will have a good laugh along with new knowledge.